CTS-Server Colocation Service

CREATE server hosting services using financial cloud deployment, with high safety, availability, reliability, scalability, in the current operations to meet customer needs at the same time, according to the development platform trading volume to achieve smooth expansion, to achieve exclusive physical cluster security service, high quality, high security, high quality IO customer service perfect server hosting experience, to ensure the stable operation of CTS system.

Global deploymentThe server room covers the mainland, Hongkong, Asia Pacific, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea and other regions.

Safety and stabilityThe data encryption transmission, automatic backup, disaster recovery by three, double room server deployment, automatic switching Association.

Enjoy highThe data storage server module, quotation, independent deployment, exclusive broadband, cable transmission.

ScalabilityFlexible deployment, load balancing, meet the increasing business volume and user capacity.

Different server hosting experience

Security compliance financial computer room

Financial cloud computing, storage resources cluster, from the physical server level is completely independent of the public cloud, the construction of financial institutions comply with the banking level of security supervision and compliance requirements, in line with the financial supervision and other security requirements

Multi Center disaster tolerance

At present, Hongkong, the mainland Europe, Southeast Asia and other financial area, you can easily deploy city double live and off-site disaster recovery business disaster recovery structure, with the default city disaster recovery characteristics, fault level automatic switching room second, ensure business continuity.

High level security protection

Provide high level of security protection, the prophet public test to help all business vulnerabilities, 100 GDDoS Defense Center anytime, 5 minutes into effect, increase the difficulty of penetration of 100 times hackers, big data security analysis platform to help customers establish security monitoring and defense system.

Secure and flexible network access

Provide customers with CREATE financial cloud exchange room, you can select the line or IPSecVPN access, to meet the financial business interoperability among multiple institutions; multi operator BGP access, so that your users no matter where, from which operators access, access to your server has the same high-quality user experience.

VPC virtual network

Provide a completely isolated, fully controllable virtual network through VPC, and also can connect VPC with traditional data center to form an on-demand network environment through the connection mode of special line /VPN, so as to realize the smooth migration of applications.

Customer exclusive service

One to one exclusive architect services, according to customer needs, provide architecture design, cloud migration, technical guidance and other services; professional after-sales engineer team provides 7*24 hours of uninterrupted technical services, quick response worksheet.

International first class trusteeship standard

Professional team deployment and maintenance

7*24 hours technical support


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