Website service

According to specific groups of financial investment, CREATE design and construction of functional type, browsing as one of the financial website, and support PC, mobile devices, to achieve close to the design concept of user experience, simple and elegant, the theme is clear; more in line with the search engine optimization habits, website ranking is more stable; the more attractive presentation to visit more friendly, so as to effectively access service needs of customers, and enhance the corporate image.

Mobile financial Internet

One stop solution, enhance the brand image of enterprises, visit anywhere, seize the mobile terminal market, help the development of enterprises

Scalability / Personalized Customization

For all kinds of function interface, provide two development and consulting services, tailored personalized website marketing scheme

The system is easy to use, proficient in the industry market, to understand user needs, functional diversification, specifically tailored for financial enterprises

Ten million data load 10 million class data second speed search, balanced load, solve massive data search bottleneck problem

The visualization system of tags can be placed according to the needs of the label, adjusted with the use, without the need to understand any code, to achieve complete visual tag operation

Comprehensive security guarantee, execute strict code system, support IP white list, IP blacklist, anti CC attack, SQL vulnerability injection

Flexible configuration, flexible expansion of server, rapid expansion of bandwidth, massive resources backup in time

Rapid deployment of a key site, rich website templates, a variety of thematic module settings, customized personalized features

Why choose CREATE financial station?

Our advantage

Accurate diagnosis of the industry needs, depth mining potential needs of users, to provide you with quality, fast site service

Multiple security protection system, 7*24 hours consulting service, escort for your website

100+ financial company users affirm that users’good word of mouth is the magic weapon of brand promotion

CREATE financial enterprise system VS traditional financial enterprise website
  • Proficient in industry market, understand the needs of users
  • Functional diversity, website high-end atmosphere
  • Strong technical team tailored specifically for financial enterprises
  • A high price, the industry’s top technology
  • No planning, no research, can not meet the demand
  • A single template design, rigid and outdated
  • Outsourcing design, service quality is difficult to protect
  • Outsourcing prices opaque, random Quotes

Safety and security




*24 hours
After-sale service


Data backup


Fast filing

Service details Basic Edition Standard Edition Advanced Edition
Stand alone server deployment lifetime lifetime lifetime
System free upgrade permanent permanent permanent
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Notice of authorization

1, A program use authorization is installed as a service site, the installation of multiple programs under the same domain name is considered as multiple service sites, need to buy more than one authorization.

2, Within 1 months after the purchase can be free to change the domain name authorization, the domain name whois information for the same person.

3, After the purchase of authorization, need to change different versions of the authorization, according to the official latest product offer price difference can be, such as downward replacement of the official, not refund the difference.

4. In addition to the authorized service, other services will be available for one year, and the service quotation will be shown in detail.

The following is not within the scope of service

1. Self modification or use of non original program code;

2, The direct operation of the database causes the database to go wrong or crash;

3. The installation of unofficial templates / plug-ins and the faults caused by the installation of templates / plug-ins;

4, System fault caused by server and virtual host;

5, Two development or customization and other possible problems.

The meaning of symbolic representation in a table

Note: All offers are free of invoice! If the invoice is paid, the tax point of invoice is 8%

Indicates that the version does not have or does not support this function or service
Indicates that the version has or supports this function or service


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