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New Zealand financial service provider

New Zealand FSP called Financial Service Providers Register,the enterprises that face financial services qualification in New Zealand are all under the supervision of the New Zealand government when they are engaged in relevant financial and related businesses.



British financial regulatory authority

In April 2013, the financial regulatory authority (FCA) has replaced the Financial Services Authority (FSA) as the financial regulator for the UK to protect and improve its economy.



National Futures Association of the United States

NATIONAL FUTURES ASSOCIATION,referred to as NFA. The National Futures Association (NFA) is a self regulated organization of futures industry established in 1976 according to the seventeenth section of the commodity exchange act of the United States. It is a non-profit membership organization.



Cyprus Sec

The Cyprus securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) is the independent public financial regulator of the Republic of Cyprus responsible for the regulation of the financial and investment markets. CySEC was founded in 2001 to implement effective supervision to ensure the effective protection and healthy development of the securities market for investors.



Australian Securities Investment Commission

The regulatory authority involved in the ASIC licence application is the Australia securities and Investment Commission (Australian Securities and Investment Commission, referred to as "ASIC").



New Zealand financial authority

The New Zealand Financial Markets Authority (FMA) was established in 2011 to replace the original securities commission and take over some of the functions of the New Zealand government’s economic development department. It is one of the 2 major regulators in New Zealand’s financial market regulatory system.



Swiss financial supervisory authority

Swiss Financial Markets Supervisory Authority,Referred to as FINMA. He is an independent body with an independent legal entity, headquartered in Bern, switzerland.



State Administration of Foreign Exchange

The State Administration of foreign exchange is the vice ministerial level National Bureau, with 7 functional departments and organ Party committees, including the comprehensive department, the balance of Payments Division, the current account management department, the capital project management department, the management inspection department, the reserve management department, and the personnel division (internal audit department).

Registered company
Bank account
Licence application
Platform building
License plate supervision

It is an official document approving financial institutions to carry out business. The level of governance, the financial status of financial institutions and the effectiveness of financial market infrastructure are the main factors that determine the robustness of the financial system. For a foreign exchange platform, the application of foreign exchange supervision is to build a foreign exchange platform...

Offshore company Registration

Off Shore Company refers to the limited liability company or Limited by Share Ltd established in accordance with its Off Shore Company law in the offshore zone. The local government does not have any tax on these companies, only a small amount of annual management fees, and all the major international banks recognize these companies, for its establishment of bank accounts and financial operations...

Trading platform

With the continuous development of the market, according to the different customer groups and application scenarios increasing, update and improve, to create a variety of mainstream trade mode, we should know how to choose a more rich and perfect service products, mobile transaction trading system, fund settlement system... Risk control management, access to gold and so on, choose professional consulting ...

Offshore bank account

The so-called offshore accounts also called OSA accounts, foreign institutions in accordance with the provisions made in the offshore banking business qualifications offshore business department of a domestic bank accounts in accordance with the law. Offshore accounts can be allocated freely and transferred from offshore accounts without domestic exchange control. Deposit interest rates and varieties are not limited and are not limited by domestic ...


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