CTS System Service

In order to ensure stable and efficient operation of the CTS platform, CREATE launched a one-stop CTS main standard, white label service, mature CTS platform with professional service, help the exchange (brokers) quickly established its own brand, maintain the competitive advantage in the increasingly fierce competition in the industry. With many years of CTS system service experience, CREATE has successfully helped hundreds of exchanges (brokers) open financial services, service millions of trading users, accessibility support CTS system services.

The preferred solution of Financial Brokerage Business
Full platform and multi system support
CTS Service system:
The main standard | White label | Custom | Development
CTS Principal Frames White label
Build Complete system A group separated by a whole system
Jurisdiction Administrator privileges Only use permissions, no administrator privileges
Can you develop it two times? Can be two times the development of various types of customized plug-in. Can not be developed two times, can not customize all kinds of plug-ins
Cost High Low
Late development The maintenance process is complex;
The operation is not affected by any restrictions; substantial profits
Easy to maintain; highly dependent on MT4 owners and limited to people;
The more customers, the more profits, the higher the monthly rent, and the lower the scale efficiency;
A comprehensive overview The cost is high and the development is not limited Reduce the initial cost, market oriented
One stop CTS system service

Company registration

Registered overseas companies
Financial regulatory licence
Corporate image packaging

Website service

Website customization
PC & mobile terminal
Online accounts and entry
and exit payments

Payment guarantee

Third party payment channel
Quick entry and exit
Multiple payment methods


Iplc Data
Transaction monitoring
Plug-in customization

Clearing hedge service

Access to Fix settlement Bridge
Docking international provider
Position monitoring and
manual hedging

Front end service

Support diversified trading platform
Customer online transaction Office
Social Trading

Back-stage management

Broker management system
Broker Solution
Exchange level settlement

Promotion plan

Mobile WeChat terminal promotion
Bonus bonus award
Multiple marketing planning
More service support and support

Customer service
(7*24 Hours)

Platform stability

System upgrade


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