CTS-MTF Trading
CTS-MTF Trading

MTF(MultilateralTradingFacility) is a new trading system based on matchmaking trading model.

The European financial instruments market regulation (MiFID) introduced the concept of MTF for the first time, referring to a non exchange mode of financial trading place. The MiFID is defined as "a by the investment company or the market operators to operate the multilateral system, the third party gathered together for some financial instruments transactions". In the MTF trading system, all traders are in an absolute state of equality, without any priority and any "differential treatment".

Has been used in the design of London Stock Exchange, Deutsche Brse and Euronext.

MTF trading model, all users are equal investors
Functional characteristics

Exchanges (brokers) can operate in accordance with operating centers, clearing bodies, brokerage firms, IB and investor models

In the trading platform, the operating center, clearing bodies, brokerage institutions, IB, investors are equal, all MTF matchmaking transactions

According to the principle of price priority and time priority, matchmaking transaction is carried out, that is, each order is traded with the quoted price

The implementation of the daily debt free settlement system

Support multi agent rebate settlement


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