CTS-Social Trading

CTS-Social Trading is a perfect solution for investors who have no investment experience or busy work to meet the needs of the investment market, so as to promote the development of trading platform and increase the trading volume of the platform.

The system supports all brokers, allowing investors to truly enjoy private private "fund manager" services, investors do not need to re open accounts, only bind the transaction account, you can automatically synchronize each transaction. Diversified documentary methods, rapid data analysis, and powerful risk control system provide strong guarantee for brokers’ rapid development and promotion of transactions.

Functional characteristics

Minimalist design, only to promote transactions, only focus on strategists trading, investors follow the business, to meet the needs of merchandiser, activate the platform trading sentiment

The merchandiser chooses "fund manager" to rank the strategists according to the yield of different dimensions, which is convenient for the merchandiser to choose and follow the strategist.

Real time, no post documentary only binds the trading account with the system, follow the strategist made each investment transaction will automatically sync to the documentary the trading account, the whole without manual operation.

Any broker, no account transfer to as long as there is a trading account, whether real or simulated account account, all in a single system of documentary, without the need to open an account, without the need to transfer.

A variety of documentary methods set up documentary, you can set the number of hands, according to the proportion of documentary, support the maximum single, minimum number of hands, maximum positions and other risk settings.

Multiple trading accounts can be held simultaneously, call one can bind multiple trading accounts, when in the call transaction, the system will push the single to the merchandiser’s documentary transaction.

Promote the development of customers, increase the volume of transactions, improve customer stickiness
24 hour documentary (automatic intelligent transaction)

Investors do not need to stare at any time, but also follow the ratio, one to one follow, adjust the courage to increase and decrease, support at any time to terminate and order and unwinding.

Update transaction status
in real time

In a single / single liquidation profit and loss, opening / closing time, trading varieties / trading volume, with the number of users, follow the following positions, single volume, customer account information at a glance, real-time dynamic.


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