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CTS-Broker Solution

CTS-Broker Solution is for trading platform tailored rebate settlement platform. The successful investor accounts and foreign exchange transactions, cash through agents business channels, according to investor’s trading volume, return the corresponding commission agents, and agents to increase customer stickiness, enables traders to the rapid expansion of customers, increase transaction volume.

Functional Characteristics
Spontaneous, customers recommend customers

Custom agent level only focuses on strategists trading, investors follow the business, to meet the needs of merchandiser, activate platform trading sentiment

Multi dimensional Commission reporting system ranking the strategists according to the different dimensions of the yield, convenient for merchandiser to choose, follow the strategist.

Custom rebate rules only need to bind the trading account with the system, follow the strategist do each investment transaction will automatically sync to the documentary the trading account, the whole without manual operation.

Support the commission system customized development of as long as there is a transaction account, regardless of the actual account or analog account, can be documentary system, no need to re open accounts, no need to transfer households.


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