CTS-Risk Control Manage System

Risk management system, multi-dimensional monitoring and analysis of the trading platform, timely detection of risk and early warning, according to different risk situations, take measures to avoid risks, control losses, transfer risks, take risks, ensure the stable operation of the trading platform.

With the development of the trading market, a variety of targeted, powerful hedge function plug-in has been launched, the global unique black swan plug-in.

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Wind control feature plug in

The hedge bridge establishes the connection between the trading platform and the liquidity provider through the FIX protocol, and transfers the transaction order in the trading platform to the liquidity provider.

Poly bridge supports trading platforms and connects several external liquidity providers, which are divided into transferring market data from mobile vendors to trading platforms, as well as trading platform order hedging to liquidity, and benefiting from the available best offer available at the moment.

Multiple account management (UMAM)Applied to the PAMM account management mode, investment experience the novice or don’t have the time to invest in customer transactions, the agent selected part of the proceeds from the transaction proceeds.

Explosion proof warehouse plug-in is used to limit customer risk and loss to retain customers, when the net value reaches a certain critical level, close all the orders of the account, into read-only accounts, the administrator approval to reactivate the account.

Anti scalp plug in is a series of plug-ins for dishonest customers to automatically discover, process, and reduce their behavioral risk.

The black swan plugin for black swan event, the broker and trader can accept the way to minimize the loss of both sides, avoid because of the black swan event broker liquidation bankruptcy

The quote monitor is used to make fraudulent transactions lose when the offer stops.

Plug ins customized development services

Support plug-in customization development, more effectively deal with various risks in the transaction market, wind control scene more comprehensive.


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