A highly efficient back-end management system
for spot trading

In order to facilitate the exchange and use of precious metals and stock brokers in the management of funds, CREATE developed the Broker Station, this system is designed for the backstage management and settlement system brokerage tailored, support company, channels, customers of the three system of one-stop online service platform.
Broker Station can achieve customer online account opening, access management, distribution at all levels, statistical analysis and routine monitoring of reports. At the same time, it can also customize services according to brokers’ demand for settlement.

Global Lead One-Stop Financial Platform

Broker Station —— There are two kinds of management patterns


Multistage maid
settlement system


Domestic exchange settlement system

Increase the utilization of funds

Realizing capital sharing and improving utilization ratio

Strong statement and settlement analysis

No matter how complicated the Commission settlement model is, it is easy to deal with

Business management is safe and convenient

Brokers standardize and simplify business processes and automate them

One-stop privilege system

Support the three systems of companies, channels and customers online management

In the spot trading market, all business actions of brokers are centered on expanding and serving customers. Broker Station provides a perfect and
efficient solution for timely understanding of customer dynamics, mastering customer data, improving service quality and efficiency.

Support both internal and external role permissions

It can flexibly set account of different internal operation roles, such as customer service, finance, transaction, etc., and support custom sales director, sales manager, sales representative and other internal sales accounts at different levels. It supports self defining multi tier and authority assignment account.

Tailor-made for foreign exchange and precious metals.

Broker Station is realized by fine and systematic research on the business process of foreign exchange and precious metal investment and financing industry, and CREATE can be quickly built

A flexible and powerful Commission statement system to support multi-level Commission settlement

Common performance and commission settlement statements such as volume of transactions, amount of money entered, account opening and so on, individual customers’ personal data and transaction information reports, orders, profit and loss statistics reports.

Brokers’ exclusive OEM

You can customize the brand LOGO and other related information according to the broker’s request

Highly integrated with the spot trading platform

Online processing and entry and exit gold; online opening and real-time synchronization to the spot trading platform; support online gold entry to the accounts; support online manual entry and exit operations

Capital docking is convenient and quick

It can support most of the main banks and third party payment institutions in China, all of which can achieve fast docking and save time and cost.

Customer relationship management

Simple and efficient contact and customer data management, powerful call out and telephone recording statistics function

Strict financial management

Broker Station can realize the internal double account review of the system to ensure the security of funds


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