Dealer Station is a risk hedging system designed by CREATE to meet the needs of foreign exchange and precious metals, such as brokers. In the transaction, it mainly provides real time monitoring, bridging, hedging and other setting management for brokers.
Dealer Station connects CTS Server and upstream Liquidity Provider through API respectively, directly placing the positions inside the CTS system to the liquidity providers, and transplanting the risk of transaction exposure. Liquidity providers include international banks, large brokers and other agencies. This makes the broker maintain neutrality in the process of operation and effectively reduce the operational risk.

Internal Position

Real time monitoring/

Large broker
International Bank...

Tailored for you, intelligent transactions safe and sound

A better risk control experience

The development level of CREATE risk hedging system has been at the forefront of the world. Aiming at the current trading market, upgrading Dealer Station provides better wind control experience for brokers and helps operators to become a truly international company.


A humanized interface that combines position monitoring and manual hedging


Conversion and execution optimization of limit list and stop loss list


Disassemble orders when large numbers are traded and carry out in batches


Visual monitoring and alarm for interface connection state


Rich accounts and statistical functions of hedging reports


CTS and LP transaction log and order transaction inquiries


Flexibly create diversified hedging strategies for a single account


Support two or more liquidity providers at the same time


More stable CTS pricing and liquidity bridging technology

Pre event modelBefore

The customer order is sent directly to CTS Server, Dealer Station, and the order is sent to the opponent. After the counterparty has finished the transaction, Dealer Station returns to CTS Server, and then returns to the customer.

Ex post modelAfter

The customer order is sent directly to CTS Server. After the transaction, Dealer Station sends the order to the counterparty, the counterparty business, and the Dealer Station is responsible for the separate record.


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