One station online management platform

Client Station is to provide investors with accounts, funds, transactions and other business services platform, including online registration, customer self service center, and supporting computer, mobile phone, Pad multi device, multi system trading client. The industry pioneered mobile trading system. Investors can focus on WeChat public account for transactions. It is simple and convenient. Based on WeChat’s one click sharing spontaneous marketing, brokers can directly enjoy WeChat more than 700 million user group resources and achieve rapid expansion.

Customize on demand

Brokers’ exclusive OEM

Safe and reliable

128 bit encryption measures, system security

Fluency and stability

Smooth online opening process, closely interworking with the backstage management system

Quick gold entry

Third party payment interface customization, realize timely to account

Statistical accuracy

The data are accurate and objective

Easy operation

Personal information management, withdrawal, transfer and other business applications

Order management

Support transaction lever modification and order query

Account management

Support for application and management of the same name and multiple accounts

Data analysis

Statistics and analysis of accurate conversion effect

Payment solution

  • > Synchronization of entry and exit gold and CTS platform to realize real time entry and exit
  • > Ad hoc bank transfer business (support for industrial and commercial bank, construction bank, agricultural bank, Bank of China, Bank of Communications)
  • > IPS, UnionPay, communications, Huichao, Po, Yi Bao, Alipay and other different types of payment interface docking business
  • > Customizing the use conditions for online payment
  • > Support the Construction Bank, the Agricultural Bank, the industrial and commercial bank, the Bank of communications, the Huaxia Bank and other large banks

Cooperative partner

A highly efficient online customer service system

Client Station is CREATE through careful and systematic research on the business process of foreign exchange, spot trading, investment and financing industry, and it has been carefully designed and communicated with business managers and investors. As a representative and forward-looking platform for the industry, Client Station has attracted the attention of many brokers.

Simple operation interface

Full and rich function

Large customer bearing capacity

System pertinence


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