Provide accounts, funds, transactions and other services
Customer self service center
The first mobile transaction system


System configuration and role permissions
Help brokers standardize and simplify business processes
Business requirements for account / capital / transaction / settlement


Fix protocol bridge platform and mobility
Real time monitoring transactions and performing differentiated hedging
Diversification, customization, risk control plug-in
CTS-Create Trader Solution

After years of industry exploration, combined with many customer projects operating needs and experience, successfully created CTS-Create Trader System,Based on Broker Station, Dealer Station and Client Station, relying on the innovative product design concept and leading technical advantages in the industry, it provides stable, safe and reliable supporting software products and services for the exchange (broker).

Customer handling capacity of millions, orders processing speed of 30 thousand pen / sec
CREATE Trading System CTS

Create Trader System (CTS) is built according to the scale of the operation of the exchange, through the Ministry of Public Security Grading Protection Evaluation and information security management system standard certification, providing a solution for the broker’s all-round management.


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