Exchange+Eshop —— Create integral mall system

CREATE CTS will build integral mall system, transaction system and online mall interconnection, customer accounts and funds docking and incentive points, so that both sides can promote each other and independent free development.

Access to the CTS trading system at the same time as traders online mall shoppers, simultaneous registration CTS trading system to the customer account online mall, trading system and online store customer funds sharing, incentive and integration in synchronous trading platform to the online mall, in order to promote the online mall sales and delivery of physical goods.

Because the exchange platform and the online store are only synchronous data information, they have no influence on their operation mode, so they can do the seamless operation.

CTS-Exchange+Eshop Solution

CTS-Exchange+Eshop Solution,is the first step of CREATE product planning financial derivatives trading services to the real economy, the establishment of trading platform cross border mall operating platform, The business model to the real economy, the commodity logistics system by Internet plus financial expansion, in order to promote the circulation of commodities.

Functional characteristics

The proof of financial transaction combined with real economy

Diversification, and promote each other

Transactions, the mall platform independent

Cross platform incentive system to attract investors

The service of the real economy financial transactions
More market oriented platform features
The viscosity of more customers

Seamless trading system and online mall, regardless of which platform registered users, both traders and shoppers dual identity, both trading and shopping, trading system and online mall customers, funds synchronized sharing.

Collocation of various integral gifts, open account, send points, recommend to send points, share profits, trading orders, sharing gold, etc.

Win win platform attributes

The two large passenger flow system powerful combination, two-way docking users, traffic reached 1+1 > 2 effect.

The two-dimensional code, share, talk talk talk, rebate mall extension off the parallel realization of multi channels to promote drainage. At the same time broaden into gold channel, shopping mall cash can directly exchange traded gold into gold, simplified procedures.


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