CTS-Mobile Trading

CTS-Mobile Trading,is a mobile trading platform based on mobile phones, Pad mobile devices APP (iOS, Android version), WeChat public number, browser as the trading end, which supports online trading of commodity derivatives, foreign exchange, futures, stock index and other financial derivatives.

CTS-Mobile Trading,after years of development, through the actual operation of many customers test, has become stable and mature products.

CTS-Mobile Trading

Service entity and a number of professional build electricity supplier integration system software company to achieve strategic cooperation, so that mobile transactions better serve the real economy.

Social entertainment social transaction documentary, video live, information push, advice reference and anytime sharing function, let mobile transaction become edutainment learning tool.

Marketing WeChat trading side based on user groups, a key registration, login, share, access to gold upgrade experience, coupled with the original comprehensive agent back commission system, so that mobile transactions into the era of comprehensive brokers!

The perfect combination of risk control innovation international line data technology services, cross market trading patterns and OTC market concentration application innovation system, let the mobile transaction risk control system of a tiger with wings added.

Mobile trading side, anytime, anywhere, minimalist Trading

Business advantage

Simple operation, rich variety of transactions, suitable for any investment class, support independent account opening and a variety of ways to enter the gold

Operation advantage

Flexible integrated agent back Commission marketing system and a key sharing function, is an essential Stock Exchange "Shen Ke artifact"

Performance advantage

Scalability, support millions of people online at the same time, continuous and stable processing 10000 strokes / sec

Deployment advantage

Automatic deployment, double standby deployment; disaster backup system, main standby switch at any time without gap operation

Operation and maintenance advantages

Operation and maintenance personnel hierarchical management of rights, when the danger occurs, automatically notify the operation and maintenance personnel processing

Risk control advantage

Wind control automation, data chart, risk at a glance; key information encryption, transmission, storage

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