CTS-Option Trading

In point spread trading, investors buy up or down the trading variety according to their judgment on the trend of the trading variety, and pay the price of point spread trading according to the quotation of the trading platform. At maturity, if the price trend of the trading variety is in line with the investors·expectations, the investors can obtain the investment return of the spread trading. Investor·s starting amount is low, spreads trading mode is abundant and the introduction is simple.

Trading short, fast, easy to access
Functional characteristics

Easy to operate, promote Support a variety of trading side, simple and friendly interactive experience, investors are more likely to accept

The unique transaction management functionFlexible trading mechanism T+0 two-way operation, option settlement, delivery day, automatic open, low cost investors

Patterns and varieties of diversification Support time, point difference, point, single, double, interval and trapezoidal option trading model; covering foreign exchange, precious metals, futures, stock index and so on hundreds of trading varieties

Risk control unique innovation Total risk management configuration, real-time transaction monitoring, international line liquidity providers, the original internal risk hedging system


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