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Time:2018-05-25 13:58:00

CREATE as a financial technology service company, the technical services provided are limited to the use of the customer`s analog transactions. The customer can not do real trading before obtaining the relevant regulatory qualifications, and can not be used for any commercial use. Any legal risks arising from the use of the customer shall be borne by the customer himself.

The software copyright provided by CREATE is owned by Creatrader Holding Limited, and users can choose whether to experience the simulation environment provided by the company, such as the need for experience, online service, and the access to the analog account and the landing address.

If the user downloads, installs, and experiences related software functions, that is, the user believes in the software, CREATE may not be responsible for any form of loss and injury to the user or others when using the software for any reason.

No form of financial, investment, brokerage, transaction and data source services are provided or given in any form of financial, investment, brokerage, transaction, or any other transaction in the local or international monetary market, the stock market or any other financial market, nor directly or indirectly.

The issues not covered in this statement refer to the relevant state laws and regulations. The copyright of this website, the right to amend it, the right to update and the final interpretation are all CREATE.

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