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The sixth IFINEXPO international financial B2B Expo

Time:2017-04-05 10:47:26

     On May 9, 2017 -10, the sixth IFINEXPO international financial B2B Financial Technology Expo summit will be held in Shanghai International Conference Center, the exhibition is jointly organized by the Department of Finance and the number of the 360 search, the financial industry chain involves financial knowledge and resources together to build a knowledge sharing and resources docking platform.

     CREATE as the exhibition sponsors, invited to participate in the international financial industry event, and masters, financial institutions, technology exchange, insight into the new trend of financial market and the level of development, further integration of information resources, create new development.

    China’s foreign exchange market has developed for many years, and has formed a multi-level market structure, forming a multi-level market demand. In mainland China, after years of development, it has grown from a single market structure to a multi-level customer group, from B2C to B2B composite market form. To meet the needs of the existing customer groups, how to further extend and develop upstream of the industry chain is a key step for the Chinese market to face.

    9-10 International Conference Center, Shanghai, May 9th Wonderful content will be announced soon......

Exhibition schedule

May 9th

09:00 - 12:00 (Forum A District) depth interpretation of foreign exchange industry chain

How is the new media environment marketing?
How do brokers better serve customers in the new situation?
How do brokers and IB agents establish a win-win relationship?
Regulatory license detailed introduction
Interpretation of various trading patterns
Technology products help platform providers to achieve better management and operation?
14:00 - 17:00 (Forum A) backstage risk management and bridging mobile exchange meeting
Build a powerful background module for business developers
The basic principle and analysis of the trader
What are the key points that need to be solved in the implementation of the backstage control?
Management and compliance operation of the wind control transaction system
How to avoid harmful flow and ensure the smooth flow?
How do different bridge systems implement bridge functions?

What are the different choices of docking liquidity?

May 10th

09:00 - 12:00 (Forum A) documentary trading seminar and seminar

The origin and development process of documentary trade
What are the core values and ideas of the documentary trading platform?
Processing and optimization of missing bills, delays, and cost issues that occur frequently in documentary transactions?
What is the effective threshold curve of documentary transactions at this stage?
What improvements are needed in hardware facilities and software in order to better practice documentary transactions?
What changes will be expected in the future of documentary trading?
14:00 - 17:00 (Forum A area) intelligent trading software and hardware configuration Seminar
What are the factors that affect trading? What is the feeling of good experience?
What problems will the procedural transaction encounter in actual combat?
How to realize the intelligent trading strategy by technical means?
What impact does the price quotation system have on the trading process?
What impact does bridging software have on the liquidity of the connection?
The impact of different trading patterns on transactions?
The impact of server selection and geographical distribution?

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