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CREATE shining 2017 Asia Trading Fair (Shanghai)

Time:2017-04-04 14:02:21

     On the morning of March 30th, the 2017 Asian Trade Fair opened in Shanghai Exhibition Center. The site gathered the senior industry experts and famous exhibitors at home and abroad. The number of participants exceeded 3000.

     The exhibition is organized by the FX168 financial group together internationally renowned exhibition company Finance Magnates and Conversion Pros, in the exhibition hall design, keynotes, Roundtable on both local features and international elements, build a bridge of diversified communication, connect the world with the financial.

Diamond stand conquering, charm shining

    The exhibition CREATE sits on No. 4 Diamond booth, with a simple atmosphere and a better capacity. Using the light box billboard, enterprise propaganda animation and product folding, this paper introduces the CREATE exchange (broker) hatching base series service, so that on-site customers can quickly understand the style and characteristics of CREATE.

     During the exhibition, booth CREATE ushered in in a continuous line exhibitors, newcomers and experienced individual agents, large exchange institutions come to understand the products, details of cooperation, exhibition hall, All seats are occupied. hot atmosphere.

The transformation, compliance and development

     In the transformation trend, very intense on-site customer performance, hope to get full support in system development and promotion and other operations, fast for market opportunities. CREATE Marketing Manager Linda CREATE immediately said, this international company experienced not only in terms of technology in the service system more professional, more attentive, create a customized plan for the development of the different needs of customers.

     Registration of overseas companies, application of regulatory license, build trading platform, brand promotion plan, operation plan, business strategy formulation, CREATE complete solution for the exchange (broker) compliance development to help.

Each one airs his own views on currencies

     Although the show is only two days, but the luxury financial feast 10 keynote speeches, 3 Roundtable forum compact schedule for participants, industry experts around the development trend of the global environment, regulatory guidance, and the transformation of the foreign exchange market each one airs his own views on issues such as.

     General manager of Hongkong CREATE David Ding in the "symbiotic" way of local traders and brokers international Roundtable forum to participate in the discussion, David said, "Chinese and foreign brokers in the promotion and operation mode of the difference is very large, down to earth the domestic companies have more initiative, want a slice of the market share in Chinese, localization, Chinese it is the key to success."

Brighter in the spotlight

     On the morning of 31, David Ding received a special interview with FX168, systematically introduced the CREATE CTS product system, development advantages and the concept of "national broker".

     In the era of mobile transactions, CREATE put forward the concept of "universal broker", and integrated a series of promotion service programs, such as comprehensive agent return commission system, transaction + mall operation platform, group control system, grant activities and so on, and open a new era of "participation of all the people marketing".

     In the R & D team, product system, construction experience, CREATE has been in the leading position. In order to take advantage of its success, the success of CREATE to create the CTS trading system, the formation of Broker Station, Dealer Station, with Client Station as the foundation, foreign exchange, OTC market exchange settlement, centralized clearing, cross market trading, agency commissionable, wind control management system, financial management system and Internet access to gold as the core product system. To create exchanges (brokers) incubator, to serve the global financial market.

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