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Wuhan iFXShow foreign exchange and Financial Innovation Exhibition

Time:2017-03-15 14:13:43

      On the morning of 24, the iFXShow online foreign exchange and Financial Innovation Exhibition opened in Wuhan Grand Hotel, Shangri-La. The exhibition organized by the land finance group, Huijin network, business network, analysis method, as the science and Technology Co gold exchange, brings together many of the financial big coffee and elite.

     Wuhan, a historical and cultural city, a heavy industrial base, the central city of the central region. Take this opportunity, CREATE into the inland market, with customers about "remit" Wuhan. Exchange (brokers) incubationbase stop signs to attract many exhibitors, technical strength, rare in the Inland CREATE exhibitors to leading a one-stop full service to win many customers praise.

Topic: first year of foreign exchange"

      In 2016 the RMB basket Chinese joined SDR, the foreign exchange market through a set sail, with greater development space and potential, so the industry in 2017 defined as Chinese foreign exchange year". IFXShow Wuhan exhibition around the foreign exchange market prospects and development, "the transformation of the outer disk" and other aspects of the in-depth exchanges.

      CREATE said, "market transformation is not only a test for exchanges and brokers, but also for software service providers to test. Just to find a good partner, low cost, low losses outside the rapid transformation is not difficult."

Focus: Transformation Service scene decryption

      For the transformation, many exchanges and brokers are worried and confused. More customers with the issue came to the booth B24 with your home service transformation is how to do? How to protect the platform risk control? Why do the original members continue to follow me?

      Field staff said, CREATE has focused on the inside and outside the trading system development, build a service, regardless of the company’s registration, license application, server build, wind control design, or agency commissionable, marketing, financial training is aimed at different markets, whether it is inside or outside the building, no one more than our experience more abundant.

      In order to minimize the loss of CREATE specifically for the transformation of brokers, the transformation to create an outer similar gameplay "member rebate" foreign exchange business model, will continue to use the original gameplay, but also to continue to cooperate with the previous member units, keep the original extension off the marketing mode, the transformation of high quality.

     In terms of risk control, CREATE has been in the leading position in the industry, CTS wind control system of the industry is the most perfect, the most cutting-edge technology new direction, including hedge bridge (Fix bridge), black swan plugin and multi account management, anti scalping plug-ins, offer monitor, explosion-proof silo and all kinds of customized plug-in plug-in development, full to help customers solve the problem of risk control range.

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