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The fifth financial B2B Expo and financial solutions Conference

Time:2016-12-07 17:52:26

     On December 2016 21-22, the fifth financial B2B financial solutions Expo and conference will be held in Guangzhou Nanfeng Super Hotel, located in the important domestic financial center, the exhibition industry has a strong influence and appeal, CREATE was also invited to attend this financial event, showing a station type CTS (Create Trader System) solutions trading the system, in-depth interpretation of financial services to upgrade.

    The fifth session of the financial B2B Expo is jointly organized by the Department of Finance and the number 360 search, China foreign exchange industry association and co Analysys, continuation of the financial domain knowledge sharing and resources docking, include all aspects of resources within the industry, the more than 100 media tracking reports of publicity, visibility and influence are very high, attracting domestic foreign well-known Internet financial technology companies, financial solutions, Internet finance companies, Asset Management Co, financial risk management service provider, foreign exchange brokers, brokers, and foreign exchange options exchange platform to build business and many other exhibitors.

     Come to Guangzhou again, CREATE27 booth crowds, even more haze, still can not stop the enthusiasm of the site, the domestic and foreign customers have come to ask mobile trading platform product details, experience the simulated trading, understand the world’s first exchange (brokers) incubator product features.

     In the "broker incubator" the theme of his speech, the enthusiastic response, unprecedented exhibition.

    On-site consultation, "transaction + mall" operating platform acclaimed as a financial transaction services in the real economy innovation, in promoting the diversification of the broker at the same time, the response to the construction of green financial ecological environment for the system call, mobile transaction broker to create more opportunities for development and market space.

    Many brokers said the market is difficult to do, but do not know what you want to transition platform, good prospects for the industry competition, the emerging industry is facing the risk of the unknown, "transaction + mall" broke the development limitation, build green new financial ecology, seeking for new brokers.

      CREATE combines the financial transactions with the real economy, the mature trading platform, the integration mall system and the online mall interconnection, docking customer accounts, funds and incentive points, using the advantages of both sides to promote common development, is a better choice for broker growth.

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