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PHP Engineer
Post responsibility:
1. Team work to complete the company platform PHP program front and back program development;
2. PHP, Ajax, JavaScript code writing and debugging, MySQL database design and development;
3. performance optimization (static page conversion, load balancing, etc.), search optimization;
4. LAMP (Linux+Apache+Mysql+PHP) server system maintenance and so on.
Job requirements:
1. More than 3 years of PHP/MySQL development experience, familiar with template engine Smarty, familiar with object-oriented, with database application system planning and design ability;
2. Be familiar with various WEB caching technologies, be familiar with large website architecture and performance optimization;
3. Familiar with the basic operation of Linux/Unix, familiar with Apache, MySQL, PHP and other software compilation, installation and optimization configuration;
4. Familiar with the following software: SVN or Git version control software;
5. Good code programming habits and strong ability to write documents;
6. Have a strong sense of initiative, curiosity and team work spirit;
7. Optimize and comply with the code format and structure of the team, write readable, easy to maintain, high quality, efficient code;
8. Rich experience in project management is preferred; the experience of large-scale website development is preferred; proficiency in YiiFramework and other MVC frameworks is preferred.

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APP Development(IOS/Android)
1. Proficient in JAVA programming and core class library;
2. More than two years of Android development experience and works, and mentioned in the resume;
3. Persistent pursuit of memory usage and performance optimization;
4. Familiar with common design patterns and flexible use;
5. Have a high level of code quality and programming specifications;
6. Familiar with Android NDK development, skilled use of C/C++ language, read Java open-source framework source is preferred.
1.The work is practical and serious, the mobile application development industry is full of enthusiasm, have continuously enhance their learning consciousness;
2.Logical thinking ability, strong sense of responsibility for products, good English reading ability and sense of teamwork;
3.Proficient in using Objective-C, or having a good C/C++ language foundation;
4.More than 1 years of iPhone application development experience, in-depth understanding of the MVC framework;
5.Skilled use of iPhone SDK, XCode, Interface Builder and other development tools;
6.Familiar with the common data structure, understand the iOS memory management mechanism.

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c++ Development
Post responsibility:
1. Master the object-oriented programming idea, understand and master the software engineering related knowledge
2. Proficient in C/C++ programming language, understanding design patterns;
3. Proficient in network programming (TCP/UDP) and its principles, the relevant project experience is preferred;
4. Familiar with ACE, QT and other middleware, skilled use of VS2010 for project development;
5. Proficient in ORACLE database, can write more complex SQL statements and optimization;
6. Good sense of teamwork and responsibility;
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor’s degree or above in computer science or related field, more than three years related working experience.
2. Familiar with object oriented thought and method, familiar with design pattern.
3. Have a solid foundation of computer knowledge, master C/C++ programming language.
4. Familiar with software development process, good programming style and documentation habit.
5. Positive and optimistic personality, good faith, strong language ability; have a strong sense of initiative, curiosity and teamwork spirit.
6. Familiar with financial transaction software and workflow is preferred.

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Product Manager
Post responsibility:
1. Responsible for and study the operation and development trend of the website, master, monitor and analyze competitors’dynamic - track the user needs of the website, and put forward the corresponding countermeasures - Analysis of the industry development hot spots, and put forward the website construction needs;
2. Complete product design, analysis and adjustment, including mobile terminal app;
3. Clear analysis of user needs, put forward a clear orientation of product orientation.
4. Plan the functions and details that each version needs to implement, and develop a detailed product requirements specification (PRD)
5. Work together with the whole team (R & D, UI, test) to make good communication and establish product development schedule.
6. Collect product operation data, analyze and summarize, provide effective data support for future version.
7. Learn, understand and analyze the design style, product function, interaction of similar products, and constantly integrate new and good things into the product.
Job requirements:
1.Full-time, professional computer and related professional degree or above;
2.More than one year of relevant work experience, Internet products experience is preferred;
3.Deeply understand the interaction and design of mobile applications;
4.Deep understanding and cognition of iPhone, Android and other system platform characteristics;
5.Excellent logical analysis ability and product design ability;
6.Good team work spirit and good communication skills.

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Website Editor
Post responsibility:
1. Responsible for website information collecting, editing and proofreading work;
2. Complete information content planning and daily updates and maintenance;
3. Writing website publicity materials and related product information;
4. Collect, study and deal with the opinions and feedbacks of network readers;
5. Cooperate with responsible editors to organize, plan and promote activities and participate in the implementation;
6. Assist to complete the channel management and column development plan, promote the website popularity enhancement;
7. Strengthen communication and cooperation with internal departments and organizations.
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above in editing, publishing, journalism, Chinese and other related majors;
2. Experience in media editing field is preferred;
3. Familiar with the commonly used web production software and network search tools, to understand the website development, operation and maintenance of the relevant knowledge;
4. Good writing skills, strong website thematic planning and information gathering ability;
5. Higher professional quality, dedication and team spirit, good at communication.

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Website promotion
Post responsibility:
1. Responsible for website optimization and promotion, the promotion of products and service network, improve the visibility of the website;
2. Tracking, Google and Baidu and other mainstream search engine ranking mechanism and optimization principle;
3. Evaluation, analysis, monitoring site keywords, monitoring and research of competitors and other related sites around the practice, give some reasonable suggestions of website adjustment, improve website popularity of the use of various forms of technology;
4. Responsible for the construction and maintenance of website external links, such as partners and web site traffic, data, or reverse link service exchange, or strategic alliance;
5. The monitoring of Google and Baidu included and ranking, according to the optimization results, report the monitoring results stage and analyzed;
6. According to the reasonable content of keyword optimization design, put forward reasonable suggestions on optimizing website adjustment, promote the work of editors;
7. Website promotion, planning, implementation plans and promotion activities to implement and achieve goals;
8. Stage completing network promotion task periodically or non periodically tracking, website promotion effect evaluation, making the effect of network promotion statistical analysis report, timely put forward network promotion proposals and provide practical improving plans and implementation;
9. Assist the Department to arrange part of the work of website outreach, media and related business cooperation.
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, at least one year experience in website promotion; electronic commerce, marketing, computer related major;
2. Familiar with website promotion methods and successful experience or engaged in a large website promotion program planner is preferred;
3. Familiar with SEO, such as keyword optimization, meta optimization, website optimization, title tags embedded in URL keyword optimization; SEO related experience, have related business skills and successful cases; familiar with Baidu and Google search habits and arithmetic and give website optimization, familiar with all kinds of crawler and Alexa ranking mechanism and network optimization principle; management and the operation of skilled use of Baidu, Google and the network bidding system;
4. Familiar with the text, Blog, forums, communities, and other emerging network media to promote and carry out the familiar company website and related product promotion promotion using search engine, network media, email, forums, BBS, blog, IM and other network;
5. With strong insight, analysis of competitor information, and can complete the website promotion strategy planning and execution; through reasonable means and resources, improve site traffic and the number of users;
6. Ability to analyze data and evaluate it using web analytics tools. The site through the analysis, put forward the overall ranking and optimization of the front page and system architecture website solution;
7. Pay attention to team work; good communication, language ability, creative, with strong learning ability and insight.
8. Responsible for the expansion of the external links, including Wikipedia, quiz, forum, blog, Post Bar chain acquisition;
9. Responsible for the acquisition of friendship links.

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Front End Development
Post responsibility:
1. Responsible for product design, revision and update;
2. Responsible for product design, interface editing, landscaping and other work;
3. The company’s promotional product design;
4. Responsible for the customer and advertising system and thematic design;
5. Responsible for the coordination and development of staff under the jurisdiction of the website front page design and editing;
6. Other work related to art design.
Job requirements:
1. Fine arts, graphic design related professional, college degree or above;
2. Have a solid art foundation, a good understanding of the creative thinking and ability, can timely grasp the needs of customers;
3. Proficient in PhotoshopDreamweaverIllustrator design software, have a better understanding of image rendering and visual effects;
4. Good communication skills, team spirit and high sense of responsibility and good, can withstand the pressure, the spirit of innovation, guarantee the quality of work;
5. Please be sure to provide personal works.

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HTML5 Front End Engineer
Post responsibility:
1. According to the development direction of the company products, participate in the HTML5 and mobile Internet front-end development;
2. According to the requirement of UI, the front-end technology analysis and give the optimal solution;
3. With the server developer application and system integration;
4. According to the company’s development process, the preparation of the relevant code and documentation;
5. According to the quality requirements of the company, responsible for the project of integrated system testing.
Job requirements:
1. 3 years development experience;
2. Familiar with Html5, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax and other front-end development technologies, familiar with Jquery, Sencha and so on one or several front frame, can be handwritten DIV+CSS page layout and style, good at problem solving all kinds of browser compatible pages;
3. Familiar with Struts, Spring, Hibernate and Java
6. Mobile product front-end development experience is preferred (Android, Ios).

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Post responsibility:
1. Responsible for collecting new customer information and communicate, develop new customers;
2. By telephone to communicate effectively with customers to understand customer needs, look for opportunities and to complete the sales;
3. Maintain old customer business, mining potential customers;
4. Regular communication and cooperation with customers to establish long-term good relations of cooperation.
5. According to the marketing plan, complete the sales target;
6. Responsible for customer reception, consulting work, to provide customers with professional services;
Job requirements:
1. 20-30 years old, articulate, fluent in Mandarin, voice contagious;
2. To sell the work to a higher enthusiasm;
3. With a strong learning ability and good communication skills;
4. Tough character, quick thinking, good strain capacity and the bearing capacity of the
; 5. Keen market insight, strong sense of dedication, responsibility and positive work attitude, and relevant telephone sales experience is preferred.

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Operation Manager
Post responsibility:
1. In the company’s business strategy under the guidance of market investigation and feedback, organize web site overall positioning, the direction of the business operations planning, the establishment of the site location and development direction;
2. Comprehensive measures to promote planning site operations, business development and product sales, promote the optimization design, the formation of the website business model and related products;
3. The specific operation of the project work plan, organize the implementation of the operation of the project;
4. Website, and other operators to establish good business relations of cooperation, development and training partners, coordination between the company and the customer resources, carry out the promotion of operational projects, improve the traffic effectively, ensure the smooth implementation of the project to network operators and business objectives;
5. According to the results, the market feedback of network operation project supervision, control and performance evaluation, timely adjustment of marketing strategy and content, to ensure the project continued operational objectives reached
; 6. According to company policy and business needs, a reasonable set of departmental organizational structure and positions, optimize business processes, the rational allocation of human resources development and training of staff capacity to manage employee performance, improve work efficiency, improve employee satisfaction.
Job requirements:
1. Computer, electronic commerce information management or related professional college degree or above, male or female, 3 to 5 years of work experience;
2. Independent large portal website, industry overall development planning and marketing;
3. Cheerful, good at communication, management and execution ability, can lead the team members to complete the transformation and operation work;
4. A strong sense of responsibility, hardworking, honest and hardworking, able to work under pressure;
5. Have a wealth of market planning, marketing, advertising media work experience, engaged in large-scale websites of the overall operation of the priority;
Priority condition:
1. Have the website operation for more than five years experience is preferred;
2. Engaged in large-scale website of the whole operation work is preferred.

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Operation Specialist
Post responsibility:
1. According to the network promotion target set by the company and the strategy, the company responsible for the site promotion and implementation;
2. Explore the products of the company’s Internet marketing model, site operation and promotion;
3. Familiar with the Internet platform, to achieve online publicity company website, increase the visibility to
; 4. Improve the company website keywords ranking, increase the exposure rate of the website.
Job requirements:
1. Understand the major search engine rules, known as promotion characteristics, website structure, familiar with the webmaster statistics and traffic statistics and market analysis tools, can independently;
2. Good communication skills and team work ability, strong sense of responsibility and learning ability.
3. Skilled use of related industries, mail, network media forum, BBS, blog, IM, SNS and other network promotion way to carry out the company website and related product promotion;
4. Have a certain writing ability, active thinking to write network publicity, promotion website brand, according to the company plan, wrote a regular network of soft promotion;
5. Network promotion experience, familiar with all network promotion means and successful experience is preferred.
6. Skilled use of Photoshop, Dreamweaver and other tools priority.

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